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Does your child have fever? Head lice? Vomiting? Ear pain? Not sure what to do? Check out the KIDS DOC SYMPTOM CHECKER. It may have just the answer you're looking for! If not, then give us a call.

Just click on the link below to use the KIDS DOC SYMPTOM CHECKER.

Changes at Tuscaloosa Pediatrics

After 23 years with Tuscaloosa Pediatrics, Dr. Cynthia Walker has decided to cut back from her regular work schedule in order to spend more time with her family. She will no longer be routinely seeing patients but instead will be filling in occasionally when one of our other physicians is out of the office. At this point, she will continue to see newborns in the nursery at Northport DCH and she may also be helping out some of the other local pediatricians when they are on vacation. Her current patients will continue to be patients of Tuscaloosa Pediatrics. Dr. Walker’s last regularly scheduled day with us will be August 11, 2014. Please let her know how much you have appreciated her caring for your children over the years!

Welcome Dr. Parchman!

We are excited to announce that a new pediatrician has joined us at Tuscaloosa Pediatrics! Dr. Michelle Parchman is a native of Huntsville. She received her medical degree from UAB and completed her Pediatrics residency at the University of Louisville. Dr. Parchman and her husband Billy are both new to Tuscaloosa (although they are both Alabama fans) and we ask you to join us in making them feel welcome here!

Important Announcement from Tuscaloosa Pediatrics

January 1, 2014
Dear Parents,
As most of you know, many hospitals across the United States employ physicians called “Hospitalists” to care for hospitalized patients.  This allows for the patient to have a physician in the hospital caring for them around the clock.  This includes DCH Regional Medical Center which has hospitalists who care for many of the patients of our local internal medicine and family practice physicians.  This system is becoming utilized in the pediatric world as well.  In Birmingham, most private pediatricians use the hospitalists at Children’s of Alabama to care for their patients requiring hospitalization for both minor and major illnesses. 

After much thought and discussion, the physicians of Tuscaloosa Pediatrics have made the difficult decision to participate in a hospitalist system with the pediatricians of University Medical Center.  We feel this will provide improved care for our patients both in and out of the hospital.  It will allow our pediatricians to be in the office more, making it easier to get your child in for a sick visit or well child checkup, and it will allow for a doctor to be available right there in the hospital whenever the patient needs to be seen.  We have a good working relationship with the pediatricians at UMC, many of whom trained alongside our doctors in medical school and residency.  These pediatricians will be your child’s main doctor during a hospital stay, however they will also be assisted by family practice residents (doctors who have their M.D. and are doing further training in a specialty) and by UAB medical students.  There will be communication between the UMC staff and our pediatricians during your child’s stay with close follow up by our office after discharge from the hospital.  As always, if your child needs more specialized care than a general pediatrician can provide, Children’s of Alabama is right down the road in Birmingham and a transfer can easily be arranged. 

All the physicians in our call group with be participating in this arrangement including Dr. Bruce Pettit and Dr. Cheryl Gambrell of West Alabama Pediatrics, Dr. Phil Phillips of Children’s Medical Center, and Dr. Sudha S. Bennuri of Bama Pediatrics.

We are entering into this arrangement on a trial basis initially beginning in January 2014.  We will continue to see newborns in the DCH Regional Medical Center nursery.   We welcome any feedback you can give us regarding this new collaboration as our goal is to provide the best care for our patients, both in the Tuscaloosa Pediatrics office and at DCH Regional Medical Center. 


The Physicians of Tuscaloosa Pediatrics  - Dr. Denise Brown, Dr Allison Cunningham, Dr. Tom Farmer, Dr. Megan McGiffert, Dr. Julie Vaughn, and Dr. Cynthia Walker

Flu Season 2013-2014

For the 2013-14 flu season, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics have recommended flu vaccination for all children ages 6 months to 18 years. To read more about this you can go to, the parenting website from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), or to, the website for the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Our flu vaccines this year are quadrivalent which means they protect against 4 different strains of flu.  We have flu shots for all ages.  We also have flu mist for healthy children above age 2 years.  We will also vaccinate parents and grandparents, just be sure to bring along your insurance card.  Call today for an appointment if your child has not had their flu vaccine!

Should You Call the Doctor?

Does your child have fever? Head lice? Vomiting? Ear pain? Not sure what to do? Check out the KIDS DOC SYMPTOM CHECKER. It may have just the answer you're looking for! If not, then give us a call.

Just click on the link below to use the KIDS DOC SYMPTOM CHECKER.

With a team of Board Certified Physicians and a staff of professionals, we are dedicated to providing your children with comprehensive and compassionate health care. It is no secret that children who are supplied with a foundation of good health are not only healthy children, but become healthy adults. This is our commitment to you.

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